Meet Max


Relax Max Allan Geiger



Max explored life: He frequently ventured to new places and submerged himself with the locals. He met Allan one afternoon as Allan was restoring a motorcycle in his garage. Amidst the car and moto parts, Max made himself comfortable, sharing his gentleman nature with his newfound companion, Allan. The pair struck a bond over their passion for music, art and anything with a loud engine. Soon, the two joined forces and an apparel brand was born.

Founder Allan Geiger modeled his clothing brand after his beloved dog, Max. A canine with an animated zest for life, Max served as the inspiration for the brand: Allan constantly calling out “Relax Max” to sooth his four-legged business partner. 

Relax Max is an apparel and lifestyle brand that aims to highlight the vintage greasers and pinups congruent with modern day trends. Relax Max officially launched in 2016 and has slowly built its foundations to bring accessible style to its native audience. 

On December 19th of 2012, Max lived his last day as dementia got the best of him. His legacy lives on thru the brand and each month Relax Max donates a perctange of sales to help local animal rescues.

"simplicity with a rock and roll flare"





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